Announcing AdaFontEditor v1.0

Glenview Software is happy to announce the release of AdaFontEditor v1.0, a bitmap font editor for embedded projects that runs natively on the Macintosh. With AdaFontEditor you can quickly create bitmap fonts that are compatible with AdaFruit's GFX Library, a library provided by AdaFruit for creating embedded graphics applications for the Arduino processor. AdaFontEditor allows... Continue Reading →

Announcing Kythera v1.0

Glenview Software is happy to announce the release of Kythera v1.0, a 3D CAD system for designing complex mechanisms using spur gears for the Macintosh. With Kythera you can string together complex chains of gear mechanisms using multiple layers and interconnected gears. Your designs can then be exported to a series of 3D models for... Continue Reading →

A Case Analysis

A web site is like an iceburg: the most interesting (and often, dangerous!) parts of the web site sit below the waterline, waiting to either make or break the user's experience. When we started working on the web site for Hollins Certificates, the goal was to make a web site which resembled the old web... Continue Reading →

Welcome to our New Site!

Finally, after a year of hemming and hawing (and working on other projects), we have finally finished our new Glenview Software web site. Our goal here is to provide a window into the projects we've worked on for other customers, as well as highlighting our own projects and open source efforts. Please feel free to... Continue Reading →

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