Announcing AdaFontEditor v1.0.3

Glenview Software is happy to announce the release of AdaFontEditor v1.0.3, a bitmap font editor for embedded projects that runs natively on the Macintosh.

This version fixes a few refresh bugs, as well as fixes problems with dark mode on MacOS X Mojave.

With AdaFontEditor you can quickly create bitmap fonts that are compatible with AdaFruit’s GFX Library, a library provided by AdaFruit for creating embedded graphics applications for the Arduino processor.

AdaFontEditor allows you to quickly construct bitmap fonts and to create bitmap fonts from built-in Macintosh fonts, tweaking them for visual presentation. Fonts can then be exported to a header file that can be quickly incorporated into your Arduino embedded project.

AdaFontEditor is available as an open-source application, with full sources posted on GitHub. A precompiled version of the AdaFontEditor application for the Macintosh can be downloaded directly from our web site.

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