Announcing Kythera v1.0.1

Glenview Software is happy to announce the release of Kythera v1.0.1, a 3D CAD system for designing complex mechanisms using spur gears for the Macintosh.

This is a bug release version that fixes a few bugs, including a hanging issue when deleting gears from a mechanism.

With Kythera you can string together complex chains of gear mechanisms using multiple layers and interconnected gears. Your designs can then be exported to a series of 3D models for printing using a 3D printer, or for importing into a CAM system for computer-assisted cutting. Models can also be printed to paper as templates if you wish to hand-cut the gears yourself.

Kythera also exports the resulting mechanism as an OpenSCAD file for modification, so you can make modifications of your gear objects for use in robotics or clock making.

Kythera also contains a number of powerful tools for building gear chains with precise motion ratios, simplifying the design of an Orrery or the construction of a clock.

We have also included a series of tutorials which will be expanded over the next few months to help you make the most of Kythera. And we’ve included a couple of free command-line tools which can be run on the Macintosh which can be used to generate 3D gear objects and support structures.

Kythera retails for US$10 and is available for sale now on the Apple App Store.

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