Kythera: Switching from Metric to US Customary Units

By default, despite the fact that most gear calculations in Kythera are unitless, the defaults assume millimeters.

Switching from millimeters to inches can be a little bit of a pain, since the defaults wind up being 25 times larger than reasonable. So here are some simple defaults you can use to set up Kythera to use inches instead of millimeters. Of course in your final design you will need to set these parameters according to the actual size of the components (such as axles and the thickness of the gear material) you intend to create.

Axle Settings
Axle Radius: 0.0625 Assuming a 1/8th inch diameter rod
Spacer Radius: 0.125  
Clearance: 0.01  
Tolerance: 0.01  
Gear Thickness: 0.125 Assuming a 1/8th inch sheet stock to cut gears. Some clocks use 1/16th inch sheet.
Spacer Radius: 0.1875  
Gear Plaete Settings
Screw Radius: 0.105 Assuming #10 screw (with a 0.2″ diameter).
Spacer Radius: 0.1875  
Plate Bar Width: 0.25  

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