Kythera Downloads

There are a number of free command-line tools which you can download and use with Kythera.

Neither of these tools are used directly by Kythera, and you do not need to own a copy of Kythera to make use of these tools. These are free stand-alone tools. contains a command-line tool which allows you to generate 3D STL files for spur gears based on a series of provided parameters. Download to your Apple Macintosh, and run from the command-line inside of the “Terminal” app.

For example, if you download the file and copy it to it’s own folder with your home folder called “Gears”, you can run the program from the command-line by opening Terminal, typing in “cd Gears” to change the current directory to the Gears folder, then type “./GenerateGear” for a list of command-line parameters.

GenerateGear can also generate beveled gears, unlike Kythera. And GenerateGear can generate gears using a custom tooth profile. For example, the following command will generate a gear with a 30° bevel:

GenerateGear -a 1.1 -p 1 -pa 14.5 -ba 30 -n 30 -h 5 -o SampleGear.stl contains a command-line tool which allows you to generate the top and bottom plates that are automatically generated by Kythera. This will write out an OpenSCAD file with a series of axle points supported by a compact set of triangles.

You can install and run this application in the same way as with GenerateGear above.

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