AdaFontEditor is a simple bitmap font editor for the Macintosh that can create and export font files for embedded software.

With AdaFontEditor you can easily create a bitmap font and export a header file that can be compiled using an Arduino and drawn using the AdaFruit GFX library.

AdaFontEditor also allows you to convert a font installed on your Macintosh computer, touch up the generated bitmap, and export the resulting font. This makes it easy to get exactly the style you want for your embedded projects.

AdaFontEditor is free and released as open source software. A precompiled version of the application can be downloaded from here:

From the author.

I’ve always been interested in open source software and with embedded development for a very long time. After starting a series of articles on 3D graphics at Hacker’s Den, I thought it would also be nice to develop a series of articles discussing the principles of user interface design using an Arduino and a Adafruit touch-screen shield. This new series of articles would start with deciding on the right font and doing some basic screen element design and layout–and that requires a better solution for designing fonts.

Version History

  • v1.0.3: Fix issue with MacOS X Mojave and dark mode.
  • v1.0.2: Alter export so that the font file is exported as a .cpp and .h file, so to reduce memory footprint on an Arduino. This version will export a directory file containing the sources rather than a single source file.
  • v1.0.1: Fix bugs. Add document font metrics to aid in editing. Add basic tools to flip bitmaps horizontally and vertically.
  • v1.0: Initial release

Technical Notes

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